Dear Colleagues,

In recent months, Team AIC has been working intensely to put in place the systems, processes, and communication links and materials to support the new schemes which we are administering under the Pioneer Generation Package - Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme (PioneerDAS), the special Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) subsidies for Pioneers or even looking into the creative design and print production of the Pioneer Generation Welcome Package, a first nation-wide! Without doubt, the one word which I would use to describe our experience in this effort is collaboration...

Application for Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme opens from July 2014

Eligible Pioneers keen to apply for the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme (PioneerDAS) can do so from 1 July 2014 and those qualify will start receiving the benefits from September 2014.

This was announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 25 June. MOH also said that those who are already claimants of ElderShield, or are beneficiaries of the Interim Disability Assistance Program for Elderly (IDAPE), or the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Grant would not need to apply. For these Pioneers, they would automatically be included into the scheme as they meet the disability criterion. By now, many should have received the notification letters, which were sent to their NRIC-registered addresses since end June.

PioneerDAS is part of the Pioneer Generation Package whereby the Government provides $100 per month to help those with moderate to severe functional disability defray long-term care expenses...

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