Dear Colleagues,

Saluting our Pioneers
August is upon us and soon we will be celebrating our nation's 49th birthday. The growth and transformation of Singapore have been remarkable, thanks to the dedication, hard work and foresight of our Pioneer Generation. These Pioneers are now 65 years or older, and while many of them are healthy and continue to lead active lives, many more are living with chronic medical conditions and various forms of disability requiring assistance and social support. It is for this reason that the Government is honouring our Pioneers with the much publicised Pioneer Generation (PG) Package. As the saying goes, "health is wealth"...

"Unveiling" the Pioneer Generation Welcome Pack!

For some 100 Pioneers, getting their Pioneer Generation welcome pack was made even more special when they received it personally from Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, after months of anticipation! This heartwarming gesture took place on 1 August at People’s Association HQ. The Pioneers were among the guests at the tribute party hosted earlier this year by PM Lee at the Istana for the pioneer generation...

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Let's welcome our colleagues who joined Team AIC!

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