Dear Colleagues,

It is only a matter of weeks before we usher in the New Year. I envisage 2015 to hold much meaning not just for Team AIC but for Singapore as a nation. Next year will mark the 50th Birthday of Singapore! There will be plenty of events and activities organised at the state and community-level to celebrate this momentous milestone. Most surely, it will be a time for many of us to reflect how Singapore has progressed over the past 50 years through the memories of people, and places and developments they hold dear, including the Community Care Sector...

"Happy Ageing" with AIC

Infotainment - the AIC way!

On 2 November, the community skit commissioned by AIC made its debut at Nee Soon GRC Active Ageing event attended by over 1,000 residents. Led by hugely popular veteran Ms Lin Ru Ping, the skit was performed together with familiar faces Cai Ping Kai (better known to most as "Er Gu", or "二姑") and Yati.

The 12-minute skit brought the audience through the benefits of different healthcare schemes, using different scenarios of daily living...

Let's welcome our colleagues who joined Team AIC!

In this issue of PRIZE, we ask them to describe their experience coming onboard AIC as well as of themselves in three words.